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The whole point of doing these random ten posts was to make myself post something on a regular basis. Sadly, some weeks it was the only thing I would post, so I'd end up with two or three random tens on the front page, which just looks lazy. So my new goal is to post often enough during the week that there's no random ten on the page when I post the next one. This week I did it! I posted at least seven stupid things on a site almost no one reads. I am amazing.

Last night, Jim and I (and about a hundred other smarties) went to see the Neo-Futurists' dramatic reading and singalong of Xanadu, a movie I loved unwisely in my mad rollerskating youth. I played the soundtrack and skated around and around the pool table in the basement for about six hours a day from the ages of nine to 11, interrupted only by my weekly trips to Saturday Open Skate at the Rolladium. I had a red satin jacket with skates embroidered on the pockets and white skates with silver trim and glow-in-the-dark wheels. If you think I am awesome now, you should have seen me at 10! I was a lot shinier.

Anyway, Jim and I Netflixed the movie in preparation for last night's extravaganza, and hoo-boy is it even shittier than I remember. Poor Gene Kelly, who actually gives a performance, unlike all the stupid pretty people around him. It is never explained why Kira the Greek Muse has an Australian accent. Or why she's supposed to be so great in the first place -- I mean, she inspired Gene Kelly's character to open a club in the 40s, then she left and he closed the club, sinking into a life of regret and quiet despair. Bitch!

Fun fact: Director Robert Greenwald went on to make a bunch of lefty documentaries like Outfoxed and Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.

But anyway, the Neos did a fantastic job with the staging, including a big finale accessorized with glow sticks, bubbles, silly string, a disco ball, and sparklers. Pretty much just like the movie.

If you missed it, I know of a way you can see it again at a special performance. More details to follow.

Here's some non-disco randomness that's still pretty heavy on the 80s:

Don't Go -- Yaz
You Won't See Me -- the Beatles
A Change Is Gonna Come -- Sam Cooke
Do As De La Does -- De La Soul
Feels Blind -- Bikini Kill
Some Sunny Day -- Stephin Merritt
Christine -- Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Skeleton -- Quasi
Baboon -- the Mountain Goats
Mama -- the Sugarcubes

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