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Does anybody know how to keep rubber from getting hard and brittle?

(It's for Sister. She's getting on in years and is starting to crack. I want to keep her supple.)

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You could spray her with silicon, but then she'd be all greasy. Hmmm.

AmyB @ 06/25/2007 05:34 AM CST

I don't know-- but I would love to find out. I have a rubber gargoyle (named "squeaky gargoyle") that is shriveling up and cracking and I don't know how to stop it!

BTW this is my first time commenting but I've read your blog for years. You even inspired my sister and I to start

wendy @ 06/25/2007 06:15 AM CST

"Try some Aqua Seal (brand) Silicon Pump It's a spray bottle of Silicon and it really shines 'em up. Available at most dive shops."

There's a dive shop in Evanston at Asbury and Oakton.

eighmie @ 06/25/2007 08:10 PM CST

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