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Mr. Ocelopotamus linked to the Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime" video the other day with the stunning revelation (to me, anyway) that Toni Basil did that freaky choreography. I knew there was more to that lady than that toxic earworm cheerleader song, but I didn't know she was the evil genius behind David Byrne's spasms. (I guess I assumed he came up with those moves on his own. I mean, look at him.)

Anyway, the only other Toni-related tidbit of knowledge I possess is that she also did the choreography for this bizarre interlude in the movie Head. (Have you seen Head? You totally should.) Watch her prance around like a pixie with Davy Jones (also prancing around like a pixie) to a weird old-timey dancehall song written by Harry Nilsson in a sequence edited by someone trying to induce seizures in hippies. Good times.

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I seem to remember that when MTV first started showing the video for "Mickey," J.J. Jackson (or someone) promoed it as "by Toni Basi, who did the choreography for Talking Heads' 'Once in a Lifetime' video." So that's how I knew, I think.

Ocelopotamus @ 06/27/2007 12:00 PM CST

The other interesting Toni Basil trivia that *I* know is that she was in Mother, Jugs & Speed. She played "Addict".

jima @ 06/28/2007 02:44 PM CST

Toni Basil touches us all in so many ways.

Amy C @ 06/28/2007 07:18 PM CST

I have asked her politely to stop doing that, but she won't listen.

Ocelopotamus @ 06/29/2007 01:39 PM CST

I've meant to see "head", but keep forgetting about it. Thanks for the second queue addition in as many weeks!

AmyB @ 06/29/2007 03:45 PM CST

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