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Sigh. I don't know what the deal is. I have a lot of music from a lot of different artists. But the Random Ten brings up at least one song by the Beatles, the Mountain Goats, the Magnetic Fields, and/or Johnny Cash every single week. For example:

Tragedy -- the Port Wine Lads
Lion's Teeth -- Mountain Goats
I'm So Bored with the USA -- the Clash
I Don't Want to Take a Chance -- Ella Fitzgerald
Ev'rything I've Got -- Blossom Dearie
Getting Better -- the Beatles
Hubcap -- Sleater-Kinney
A Girl Like You -- Edwin McCain
Here -- Pavement
I Can't Touch You Anymore -- Magnetic Fields

I don't know. Maybe I do need to freshen the ol' iTunes. What should I check out? Any suggestions?

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LCD Soundsystem.

AmyB @ 07/01/2007 06:59 AM CST

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