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Thanks to the miracle of the Internets, Jim found a documentary about Stiff Records (narrated by the incomparable Ade Edmonson) that we watched over the weekend. Lots of interviews with famous Stiffies of yore, many of whom have gotten baggy and saggy with time. Except Suggs McPherson (Mr. Madness), who looks exactly the freaking same. Seriously, the man has not aged a bit since 1984.

But then they interviewed the completely terrifying and incoherent Shane McGowan, who is apparently Suggs' Portrait of Dorian Gray. He has aged enough for both of them, and probably for everyone else as well. That interview consisted entirely of drunken Irish mumbling, interrupted with a crackling hiss that Jim claims was laughter but sounded exactly like someone's cranial circuitry shorting out. All I was able to make out were "rum, sodomy, and the lash" and "Winston Churchill."

It's a fun little film. Watch it if you can.

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