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Local fashion designer Amy Rigg has died of cancer at age 46.

She made really cool clothes. I got married in one of her dresses. It's dark blue with groovy pintuck seams down the front and a crazy "deconstructed" (read: frayed) hem -- serious yet flouncy, and just a little tattered. I just had a feeling about the clothes before I even stepped into her little shop on Damen, and as soon as I tried that dress on, I knew it was the one. I looked around at a few other places (because I really was trying to find something in a non-dark color, honest), but I just kept coming back to that one.

I kept meaning to go back to that store and buy something else, even though the clothes were out of my usual price range, because that dress just fit so well and comfortably. But the shop closed, and I never made it to her other store in Oak Park. Alas.

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And you looked beautiful in that dress.

the other amy @ 07/06/2007 04:20 AM CST

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