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My favorite local theater company, The Neo-Futurists (creators of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind), is having a special event on August 11, and you should totally go. And only I can help you! (because I'm on the board, and I have tickets)

The event is a benefit performance from the archives of the theater's crazy popular "It Came from the Neo-Futurarium" series, which involves staged readings of bad movie scripts, complete with low-budget props and cheesy special effects.

For one night only, YOU could see the dramatic retelling of the 1992 classic of Gen X roommate dysfunction, "Single White Female," starring Rachel Claff as Bridget Fonda as "Allie" and Dean Evans as Jennifer Jason Leigh as "Hedra."

Tickets are $25, and for your hard-earned cash you get:

-"Single White Female" enacted before your very eyes, with cross-dressing and bad wigs
-Delicious post-show goodies from Whole Foods
-An open bar

Where else can you get that for $25? Nowhere, friend.

Please let me know if you're interested (tickets are only available through board members [like me!] and the ensemble, not on the theater's website). The show is Saturday, August 11 at 8:00 pm. If you enjoy food and drink or ever had a roommate steal your life and try to kill you, you will not want to miss this show!

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Admittedly, I am obtuse and myopic, but I am unclear as to the recipient of the Neos' largesse. Is it to benefit the ensemble proper (as I recall Kristie's appeal last year around this same time) or will it benefit another organization, as they did earlier this summer?

No matter the recipient, it's a pretty sweet deal for a noble cause.

Thank you for enlightening this humble mass.

John Williamson @ 07/20/2007 12:16 PM CST

The benefit is for the Neos themselves (well, not themselves personally, but for the theater). They gotta pay them damn bills, you know?

So, do you want a ticket? Because I can sell you one.

Amy C @ 07/20/2007 12:30 PM CST

Logistically speaking, it would be difficult for me to be in two places at once on this date. However, I have answered the call and made a donation equal to me + 4 attending the event via the website.

Besides, I'm saving up for a visit to Chicago on the third weekend of November. That's right...DIY Trunk Show 2007 among others!

John Williamson @ 07/21/2007 04:18 AM CST

Aw, dude! You rock!

I thank you, and the Neo-Futurists thank you.

Amy C @ 07/21/2007 06:27 AM CST

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