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Man, I loves the YouTubes.

This is for all you Detroiters out there: Motor City "news Christ" Bill Bonds loses his cool and swears a whole lot.

Bill Bonds is probably as much a part of my formative years as most of the people I knew in real life. My family watched the Channel 7 news every night, and every night Bill would bloviate about something -- usually how "the little guy" was getting screwed by the man -- in his self-important staccato growl, like a combination of Howard Beale and Kent Brockman.

He wore bad toupees and drank like a fish and once -- during one of his live, nightly commentaries -- challenged Mayor Coleman Young to a boxing match to settle their many differences, actually using the phrase "just you and me, big daddy" before being whisked off to rehab by the time the commercial break was over. You just could not look away.

Here's his overwritten commentary on the death of John Lennon, which I remember like it was (ahem) yesterday.

And here he is in a "Planet of the Apes" movie.

And here he is pissing off Orrin Hatch in 1991. Heh.

And now, to clear the palate, the famous Faygo commercial on the Boblo Boat. Mmmmm, red pop!

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