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I don't drive my little car -- the Feministiva -- very much anymore (maybe once or twice a week since moving into the city in 2000), but I can't quite seem to let go and just not have a car.

Circumstances may be forcing my hand, however. The brake pedal sank to the floor with no resistance when I tried to start the car Saturday, and there was a puddle of brownish goo on the street beneath. I called my dad, and he threw out words like "master cylinder," and usually things with "master" in the name are important (expensive) to fix. Plus I have to find a new mechanic in the new neighborhood and pay for towing. The car is at that age where big stuff is going to start breaking, like the engine, and replacing that is right out. How much is too much to spend fixing a 14-year-old car with 90,000 miles on it? I'm thinking 500 bucks right now.

I'm from the Detroit area, where I think you are legally required to own at least one car. I've been driving since 1987, and I have had my own car for all but 10 months of that time. Sure, they're a pain in the ass to maintain and park, but where else can you put bumper stickers and listen to mixtapes?

Anyway, Jim and I decided a while ago not to buy another car when the Feministiva finally goes to the big parking lot in the sky. We get around by walking and CTA/Metra most of the time, and there's an iGo station about three blocks away if we ever find ourselves really needing a car for errands. But I don't know if I'm quite ready to be carless...

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It seems like it will be a big deal to go carless, but you get used to it, and suddenly you are free of the things that are actually annoying about having a car in the city. No worrying about parking or having your car broken into, no tickets, no sticker renewals, no huge repair costs. Etc. I lived without a car in the city for years and it really was not that bad at all. If I moved back into the city I would probably go carless again unless I had a garage space.

AmyWOMAN @ 07/23/2007 07:33 PM CST

there's an IGO station at sheridan and albion too. sorry to hear your little car is giving you trouble, it must have caught something from the ID 10 T's that stole the radio. And the dominicks has a great delivery guy too.

eighmie @ 07/24/2007 10:02 AM CST

I-Go Rawks. We mainly use the 2 cars at the Greenleaf Art Center, or rent from Hertz on Western when we are going away for the weekend. We have been carless for over 2 years, and that is with the dog and kid. I suspect some time after the next kid we will get a car due to the logistical issues of using the CTA with 2 little ones. But right now, I'm very happy about not having to deal with insurance, gas, repairs, and having to worry about some asshole trying to jack the radio.

shechemist @ 07/26/2007 11:27 AM CST

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