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The Moms (mine and Jim's, plus my Aunt Kitty) are coming to town on Friday to see the Crack House for the first time, which provided the necessary impetus for us to get our asses in gear and finish settling in. We spent the weekend moving furniture and hanging many things (curtains, art, towel racks). I am dead on my feet right now, but the place finally looks like actual people live here. (We were also going to finish painting. That did not happen.)

Man, I like the new living room layout! This is what it looked like before, which always felt kind of half-assed and lopsided to me. We tried a couple more configurations before Jim suggested this one, which works for a number of reasons.

Plus, I finally made the sari curtains I've been meaning to do for weeks. Because of the location of the radiator under the windows, I could only make two panels instead of four. The fabric was a pain to work with -- so fragile it started unraveling a nanosecond after I cut it -- but I got it Fray-Blocked and clipped up on the new curtain rods in less than an hour. Looks pretty good, I must say! Hooray for doing it yourself!

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so glad the curtains worked. that fray block is da sh*t. Well done guys.

eigimie @ 07/29/2007 08:58 PM CST

It looks great! Aunt Kitty and I can hardly wait to toast you and Jim in your new home. Chill the wine!

Mom C @ 07/29/2007 09:12 PM CST

looks AWESOME! I love the furniture like that. and the curtains look great. well done guys!!!

the other amy @ 07/30/2007 04:40 AM CST

So nice!

AmyWOMAN @ 07/30/2007 10:38 AM CST

Utterly bitchin.

ReverendAgnes @ 07/30/2007 01:44 PM CST

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