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OK, so last weekend Jim's mom, my mom, and my aunt came to town to visit the Crack House for the first time and see the sights. It went pretty well!

They all loved our new place, and we did some touristy (architecture river cruise) and some not-so-touristy (Heartland Cafe) stuff in the city, and nobody got shirty or salty or all up in anyone else's business. We did walk past an actual drug bust on our way home from dinner, which probably did not do much to convince The Moms that our "changing" neighborhood is generally more safe than not, but other than that the weekend passed pleasantly and without drama.

The one dramatic thing that did happen: A fire alarm went off in the middle of the play we were seeing. Never in all my theater-going days has anything like this happened before. I had to convince The Moms that stopping the play to file out onto the street was not actually part of the show (they've seen the Neo-Futurists, so they never know what to expect).

So we all stood out on the sidewalks and chatted for about 15 minutes until the fire department said it was OK to go back in (no fire, just a malfunctioning alarm). And the actors came back out to their places and picked up the action again as if nothing had happened. Really, it was remarkable how they managed to bring the energy back up from a dead stop, especially for a show that demands a pretty grueling level of activity to begin with. But the audience was game for anything by that time, and a cheery vibe pervaded throughout the space. We were all just glad we got to see the rest of the show, and the actors seemed glad they got to perform it for us. Hooray!

Plus, having front-row seats meant the White Knight climbed on our chairs as he scaled the audience risers (handing his helmet to my mom before his ascent), and the Dormouse curled up to sleep in Jim's lap. It's always a better theatrical experience when the actors get their sweat on you.

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