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A smudge of driveway sealant resembling the face of Jesus Christ has fetched more than $1,500 in an online auction.

Plastic bags will kill us all. So will water bottles.

You know the Yangtze river dolphin? Yeah. They're all dead. Because of people.

So on that note:

A Certain Someone -- the Sundays
Egg Man -- the Beastie Boys
Teen Age Riot -- Sonic Youth
Kiss Me, Son of God -- TMBG
Egos Like Hairdos -- Ani DiFranco
Silver -- E cho & the Bunnymen
Tramp the Dirt Down -- Elvis Costello
Lucky Number -- Lene Lovich
Slow Song -- Sleater-Kinney
I'm One -- the Who

Yeah. Not a great week. The muggy nights made it hard to sleep, so I'm cranky.

Some good news: Scientists have found the cause of rosacea. So three cheers, my ruddy compatriots! There's a light at the end of that particular tunnel for us.

How was your week, neighbor?

Replies: 3 Confessions

I don't see the Jesus. Do you?

AmyWOMAN @ 08/12/2007 09:27 AM CST

My first thought was that it looked like this street art image that's all over Chicago.

Amy C @ 08/12/2007 04:31 PM CST

Hunh. Yeah, I think you're right. I see the similarity.

AmyWOMAN @ 08/12/2007 04:41 PM CST

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