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eye magnets
Originally uploaded by rubbernun
I've been complaining for months that I haven't had time or inclination to make anything anymore. And I think not having a creative outlet has been taking its toll on my mind and my spirits. I've been feeling overwhelmed with the new job, the new home, the new neighborhood, and I spend too much time in an exhausted fog. I've always had a lot going on, and yet I used to still wedge an hour or two of beading into most days. There's still the same number of hours in a day, right? So what's my damn problem?

A couple weeks ago when I made the sari curtains, I asked Jim to help me with everything, and he said no. He said it thought it would be better for my confidence if I did it myself. (When I told Cinnamon this, she said, "Wow -- when did Jim get all tough-love?")

So I did. And he was right. Ever since I clipped those curtains up, my creative juices have been slowly burbling through the muck and little idea bubbles have been popping in the ol' brain. Yesterday while looking for ribbon in my craft desk, I found an old marble magnet kit that I picked up in a craft store a million years ago. This morning after breakfast, I spent half an hour trying it out with a stack of old Bust magazines, some scissors, and some Mod Podge. Why eyeballs? Why not? Now that I've got my technique down, maybe I'll branch into teeth or little hands.

Alrighty, I gotta get off the Internet now and go make stuff.

Replies: 4 Confessions

I like those!

AmyWOMAN @ 08/12/2007 04:43 PM CST

nice, very nice

the other amy @ 08/13/2007 02:52 AM CST

Eyes.... aren't these fun and so rewarding to make.

eighmie @ 08/15/2007 07:58 AM CST

The possibililties are boundless. "Here's looking at you, kid." 'Ah, I see." "Some one is watching!" "The eyes have it!" "Eye, eye, Captain" "I only have eyes for, you."

JT Elder @ 08/16/2007 07:17 PM CST

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