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Dear Chicagoland rainstorms,

Please stop with the lightning all night long. It is giving me weird dreams. Like the one last night about being seven months pregnant. That was totally uncalled-for.


Now, here's what iTunes coughed up for me this morning, all fraught with meaning and history (and beef jerky):

Beef Jerky -- Cibo Matto
Across the Universe (Anthology version) -- The Beatles*
Sex Object -- Manda and the Marbles
Little Lighthouse -- the Dukes of Stratosphear
I Want to Take You Higher -- Sly & the Family Stone
Effect & Cause -- the White Stripes
Spider to the Fly -- the Sleestacks**
The Beautiful Ones -- dump
Shakespeare's Sister -- the Smiths
That's Good -- Devo

*This is my favorite version of this song. More intimate and pretty than the album version, less irritiating than the Rarities version with the galloping horse sound effects and the backup singers who were pulled in off the street in front of the studio (literally).

**This is one of the student bands from my college days. My 15-yr reunion is this October, and this has also been giving me weird dreams. My lizard brain keeps digging up unpleasant memories, wanting to "resolve" things, apparently. Find some "closure" on shit that happened in 1991 or whatever. I wish it would stop. All I really want for that weekend is for my hair to look nice.

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If you beam a piece of beef jerky all the way across the universe, it will become a sex object to some pervy alien creature who will glow like a little lighthouse and say sexy things to it like, "I Want to Take You Higher." I can't really explain the effect & cause of this, but that horned-up alien will become as predatory as the spider to the fly in regard to the leathery little chunk of carcass, because apparently he thinks it's one of the beautiful ones, and on his planet he's probably right. I know all this because I had a dream where Shakespeare's sister told it to me at my 15-year college reunion, or maybe it was one of the Sleestacks, or possibly Will or Holly or that baby brontosaurus that kept following them around. So, um ... that's good, right?

Ocelopotamus @ 08/24/2007 11:43 AM CST

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