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The new Batman movie has been filming around my office for a few weeks now, but today there's a big crowd scene for a funeral right out front, with lots of extras dressed as Gotham City cops (coworker said, "You can tell they're not Chicago cops because they're all skinny"), lots of Gotham City police cars, and some sort of Bat-cycle that's being kept in the lobby of our building to keep it dry. It's kinda cool. It looks like "The Mayor" is giving a speech, and according to IMDB, he's played by Nestor Carbonell (a.k.a., Batmanuel). Heh. Batmanuel. I'm not one for big action superhero movies, but if The Tick showed up in this movie, I'd totally go see it.

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You must work near my office because I'm close to the Batman filming too.

I have yet to have any Christian Bale sightings, however. Perhaps it's because they film mostly at night.

AmyWOMAN @ 08/24/2007 06:32 PM CST


AmyB @ 08/26/2007 05:34 AM CST

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