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"It was 'California Dreamin', so we started screamin'" edition:

Punk Rock Girl -- the Dead Milkmen
What Can I Do? -- Rosebuds
Distant Sun -- Crowded House
Vivo Sonhando -- Getz & Gilberto
Source Decay -- the Mountain Goats
Going to Kirby Sigston -- the Mountain Goats
Cappucino Bar -- Jonathan Richman
Mockingbirds -- Grant Lee Buffalo
Nightgown of the Sullen Moon -- They Might Be Giants
Going to Bristol -- The Mountain Goats

Kinda mellow. So here's a bonus to getcha going this morning:

So Whatcha Want? -- the Beasties

Yeah. You can't front on that.

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On such a winter's day!!!

AmyB @ 09/07/2007 06:41 AM CST

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