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Jim and I met up with Phineas and Brenda for the Von Steuben/German-American ParadeFestThingy in Lincoln Square yesterday. Jim got lots of pictures of the parade and afterglow.

I had a great time, and the smell in the air (brats, kraut, sugar, beer) took me back to my foreign study in Muenster, 1990. But the parade itself was mostly baffling without context. There were some cool costumes and marching bands, and some people identified themselves with banners (although the signs sometimes raised more questions than they answered -- Miss Dank South?!). But without color commentary by Bryant and Katie, I mostly had no idea what was going on. And the occasional clumps of unidentified kids in Lederhosen strolling by made it even more alarming. And bagpipers? Cop bagpipers in a German parade? What the?

But none of that was as surreal as the guy handing out German-language religious tracts while claiming he was a Native American from New Mexico who was glad the White Man killed his ancestors with smallpox blankets and brought Jesus to the tree-worshipping heathens. Or something. And also, the Sun is in three parts, and Jesus is the gamma rays. Or something.

But the pretzels and apfelkuchen were delicious.

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Are you sure that the kraut, brats and beer didn't take you back to Aunt Kitty's Christmas dinners?

Mom C @ 09/09/2007 07:44 PM CST

What is a gegeben hat? I think I do not like it.

Reverend Agnes Lionel @ 09/10/2007 02:31 PM CST

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