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My 15-year college reunion is in a few weeks, and I recently got the weekend's itinerary in the mail. There's the usual campus tours and department meetups and dessert receptions, all intermingled with visits to the college bookstore and the campus coffee shop. Which is called Beaner's.

Seriously: Beaner's. Apparently Wetback's didn't look as good on the t-shirts.

To be fair, the company (a Michigan chain) started 15 years ago before the dawn of Carlos Mencia's Mexican-bashing so-called "comedy." And, yeah, coffee beans -- I get the pun. But still. When I skimmed through the reunion agenda, my brain came to a screeching halt on that word and freaked right out. Probably a lot of people have that reaction these days.

Fortunately (or, depending on your tolerance for the appalling, alas) the company is changing its name before we get there.

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