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I don't know if you're following what's going on in Aurora, but this shit has got to stop.

Planned Parenthood wants to open a health care facility in Aurora -- providing basic gynie care, contraception, cancer screening, and a whole bunch of other vital services -- but because they also provide abortions, the fundamentalist dipshit "pro-life" bullies are out in force trying to stop the clinic from opening. The issue that's tying up the courts now is that Planned Parenthood applied for building permits under a subsidiary's name so as not to tip off the dipshits and endanger the lives of the building contractors and staff, as happened in Texas a couple years ago.

I wrote back then about the role of Planned Parenthood in my life and the lives of millions of women as an affordable health care provider when such things are in increasingly dwindling supply. This stupid fight in Aurora is costing Planned Parenthood thousands of dollars a day in legal fees -- and every day that clinic is prevented from opening, women in Aurora go without basic health care. Donate if you can to protect every woman's right to safe, affordable health care. Because if the dipshits win in Aurora, your town could be next, wherever you are.

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