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On Saturday a couple dozen of our friends helped us warm up the Crack House with a little party. Jim and I cleaned all week and made lots of fall-themed goodies (pumpkin spice cookies, hot cider, tomato-mozzarella salad, and such and such). And our guests actually seemed to enjoy themselves! It was magical.

I've never been a good party-thrower. All through school, I shared a birthday with Trina Gomez, a popular cheerleader who threw boy-girl basement parties far more enticing than my square affairs. She'd have a big bash for the whole class, and I'd get a handful of my fellow outcasts and a couple of neighborhood kids for storebought sheetcake with a rainbow unicorn frosted onto it. Good times.

I never threw high school parties when my parents were out of town, I never had dorm room blowouts, and as a non-drinking adult I had pretty much convinced myself that no one would come to a party without alcohol, so I rarely bothered. Jim and I hosted a couple of shindigs after we moved in together, but they were both pretty awkward. My rampant insecurity is such that I often feel, after a large gathering, that I've made an ass of myself in some way and everybody now hates me.

But I've been observing the hosting skills of some of my friends for a while, especially Andrew and Cinnamon, who make it look so easy. I've been taking mental notes at many of their casual, friendly events over the years. I even had my graduation party at their place last year in the hopes that some of their good-party mojo would rub off.

I think it worked. People showed up for our party, and they stayed for more than a half-hour. There were lively conversations the whole night, people liked the food, and I didn't feel all stressed out and anxious the whole time. And I'm not consumed with post-party self-loathing -- I feel all nice and warm, basking in the well wishes of my pals. (Hey, maybe that's what "housewarming" is all about!)


So I think we'll be doing that again.

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I can attest to the fact that it was a fun party and that I'm glad I went. I really like your new place. I also enjoyed myself and the conversations I had with people I know already and people I had just met there at your place. And I don't require alcohol for a good time.

I would have stayed longer but I'm still dealing with back issues from the car accident, and I live kind of far away from you so it took me a while to get home. But yeah, I'm definitely glad I went and I would say it was a successful party for sure.

AmyWOMAN @ 09/24/2007 08:51 PM CST

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