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There's a fantastic, hilarious BBC show called Time Trumpet, which is like those "I Love the [insert decade here]" shows on VH-1, except it takes place in the future with people reminiscing about stuff that happened in 2008-2025 or so.

And one episode of Time Trumpet featured a discussion of the 2011 hit reality TV show, Rape an Ape.

But in real-live current-day Japan (according to Harper's Weekly): There were reports of a restaurant in Tokyo where patrons could rape an animal before eating it. "When people have got money and done everything else," said a lawyer who'd had the pork, "they turn toward bestiality."

I have no idea what any of that has to do with anything. I just saw that Japan thing in the Weekly and immediately thought, "Who's gonna be in the costume? Who's gonna be in the costume?"

Oh, and people who rape animals suck.

Anyway, here's another Time Trumpet clip. I have hankies; I'm a lady!

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