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For some reason, iTunes is favoring the complete-sentence song titles this week. Mr. Potamus should be able to craft a nice little story from the following:

Confessions -- Violent Femmes
Shoplifters of the World Unite -- the Smiths
Ain't That Peculiar -- Marvin Gaye
Unchained -- Johnny Cash
I Know You've Come to Take My Toys Away -- Mountain Goats*
Another Lonely Christmas -- Dump
Sabotage -- los Beastie Boys
I Don't Believe You -- the Magnetic Fields
Lend Me Your Comb -- the Beatles
Crackity Jones -- Pixies

*How fortuitous that this particular Goats song should pop up today. I just read the other day that John Darnielle's new record will reunite him with the Bright Mountain Choir! I know this only means something to about three people in the world, but I'm one of those people, and I'm delighted. Perhaps they will tour together and perform songs from Hot Garden Stomp, which is just about the only old Goats tape that was never rereleased on CD, which is some kind of tragedy because it's so great.

Replies: 1 Confession

Spare me your confessions. I know very well that you spray-painted the words "Shoplifters of the World Unite" across my living room ceiling. Ain't that peculiar? But then again, you've been behaving oddly ever since I unchained you. I should have just left you in the basement closet where I found you -- after all, I know you've come to take my toys away and then I'll spend another lonely Christmas thanks to your sabotage and have I mentioned the bugs? Crawling all over me, right now. What, you say there are no bugs and I should just let you go? I don't believe you. Now lend me your comb, by crackity jones, so I can go to work on your hair. I'm going to put some pretty bows in it for the party tonight.

[ ... you really shouldn't encourage me. See what happens?]

Ocelopotamus @ 10/06/2007 03:12 PM CST

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