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Norwegian moonstone
Originally uploaded by rubbernun
I had an idea, and made it so.

I found this stone (the delightfully named Norwegian moonstone -- for real!) a couple weeks ago and loved it, but it was so substantial that I thought the rest of the necklace needed some space to balance it out. So I came up with this idea. The materials are matte delicas, 4mm hematite Swarovsky bicones, silver crimp beads, and anodized aluminum jump rings, plus a silver toggle clasp. I made it this weekend -- my first necklace in months and months!

I'm pretty sure I like it, but sometimes I think it looks like two completely different ideas held together with a headpin. What do you think?

I made it for my 15-year college reunion this weekend. I think I'll post some 1992-era photos this week to get myself in the spirit and ponder the skinny arms I used to have.

Replies: 2 Confessions

It looks very nice around your neck. What are you going to wear? What about your green velvet strapless that your wore at one of the first dances at K.

Mom C @ 10/10/2007 08:23 PM CST

Yeah, that sure was a nice dress. Back when I was a size two...

Amy C @ 10/11/2007 04:36 AM CST

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