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Monsters -- Something for Kate*
Some Sunny Day -- Stephin Merritt
Rah Rah Replica -- Bikini Kill
This House -- the Softies
Busy Bodies -- Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Let Me Roll It -- Sir Paul and the Wings
Hand in Hand -- Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Bluebell -- Babes in Toyland
Offend in Every Way -- White Stripes
When I Get Through with You -- Patsy Cline

*This is from a big-ass mix of Aussie music that my sister-in-law gave me when she visited in the spring.

And speaking of Kates, I'm off to the alma mater for my reunion, and one of the predicted highlights will be seeing my friend Kate, whom I last saw wearing a cap and gown 15 years ago. She moved back to Atlanta after graduation and did a lot of theater-y things. I'd get a postcard from whatever show she was working on, with "I've been really busy -- I'll write more later!" scribbled on the back. Eventually we lost touch completely.

And then last year, I was poking around the website of Dad's Garage, which is sort of the southern sister company of the Neo-Futurists, to see if they were planning to come back to Chicago any time soon. Poke poke poke, click click click. And -- surprise! -- look who's the artistic director! It's my friend Kate! So I sent her an e-mail, and happily we're corresponding again.

So apparently now that she's a bigshot, she can travel back to Southwestern Michigan, where all the cool kids spend their Octobers.

Hooray for nostalgia! Let's rake it into a big pile and roll around in it!

Also we'll be going here. Fifty-five funtastic flavors, people. Don't you wish you were us?

Replies: 2 Confessions

Nicely put.

JT Elder @ 10/13/2007 05:05 PM CST

Something for Kate, whoo-hoo!!! I love that song.
Did I tell you that one of the contestants on Aussie Idol did a Regina Spektor song? Yeah, thats how we roll here. :)

the other amy @ 10/14/2007 04:19 AM CST

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