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So, the Kalamazoo trip went well.

We stayed at a lovely B&B (seriously, if you ever find yourself needing a place to sleep in Kalamazoo, go to The Kalamazoo House. Cozy rooms, comfy beds, delicious breakfasts, nice owners). We took some pictures. We went to various alumni-themed events.

But mostly we hung out with a little group of my closest friends from back in the day, along with their respective partners. We retold all the stories we've told so often that they can be relayed in a shorthand of gestures and phrases (dumpster fire! exploding cactus! passport!). There was much hugging and smiling and giggling like loons.

Unfortunately our time together was so short that we didn't have much chance to get to the new stories. We're all caught up at the macro level -- love, work, art, grad school -- but there wasn't time to get into the texture. What are the little daily victories of my friends? What music are they listening to these days? What do they do on their days off? When can we all get together again?

Maybe now that we're all in touch again, I can learn all of this.

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