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Trendy young women of Chicago: It is now autumn. It is time for you to stop wearing your stupid flip-flops everywhere and start wearing your stupid Ugg boots everywhere.

Thank you.

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I would like to second this. Seriously, people, it's OCTOBER. Time to put your grown-up shoes on.

ChgoRed @ 10/19/2007 07:22 AM CST

I would also like to take this opportunity to enlighten the same young women about those labels sewn onto the sleeves of nice wool coats: THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE CUT OFF.

Why do people think a tag that says "100% Pure Virgin Wool" is supposed to stay on the sleeve of a $300 wool coat???

Also... the pockets are real. Cut them open.

That is all.

Brenda @ 10/19/2007 08:22 AM CST

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