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Shall we begin? Yes, Lisa.

The Darker Days of Me and Him -- PJ Harvey
Ant -- They Might Be Giants
Golden Jackal Song -- Mountain Goats
Computer Blue -- Prince
Love Me Do -- them Beatles
Fire Eye'd Boy -- Broken Social Scene
I Never Picked Cotton -- Johnny Cash
House of the Rising Sun -- Lynda Barry*
All the Way Down -- Glen Hansard
Buddy -- De la Soul


I dreamed last night that I was talking to people about the Beatles, but I kept calling Paul McCartney "Bill." John, Bill, George, and Ringo. And then I'd think, "Wait -- that's not right."

*If you do not have "The Lynda Barry Experience," you should quit being a spaz and get it. She's an amazing storyteller -- funny, incisive, deeply wise and true. Ooooo, psychological!

Replies: 2 Confessions

totally off topic, but no way to reach you otherwise, i do focus groups and my recruiter is looking for female bloggers in chicago, and naturally my thoughts turned to you rubbernun. if you're intrested in making a wee bit of money ($200) shoot me an email and i'll put u in contact with my focus group pimp. I know you are mondo busy, but... cake is cake

eighmie @ 10/19/2007 12:51 PM CST

Hey, who doesn't love $200? Count me in!

Amy C @ 10/19/2007 01:34 PM CST

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