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I bought an iPod. Just a little one. It's for the gym, I swear. There are only so many remixes of "My Humps" a lady can hear before she finally gives in to technology.

I named him Shuffly Joe.

And now here's a Random Ten from Shuffly Joe's first workout playlist:

Get off the Internet! -- le Tigre
You Be Illin' -- Run-DMC
Babyfood -- Soul Coughing
The Denial Twist -- White Stripes
Push It -- Salt N Pepa
C Is the Heavenly Option -- Heavenly and Calvin Johnson
Bull in the Heather -- Sonic Youth
New Scars -- Bangs
Miss World -- Hole
Jet Ski -- Bikini Kill

Replies: 4 Confessions

I named mine Mr. Teeny.

You're on the gadget train now. Can a cell phone be far behind? (No.)

Phineas @ 11/02/2007 07:02 AM CST

I swear to Sweet Zombie Jesus I am not getting a cell phone. Not ever.

Amy C @ 11/02/2007 08:25 AM CST

sing it, sistah!

ipods are great, though.

amy_b @ 11/03/2007 09:05 AM CST

Amy B, were we separated at birth? (And then both named Amy for some reason?)

Amy C @ 11/03/2007 08:18 PM CST

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