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I take back what I said. There's apparently no way to have a singalong Purple Rain without the world's tiniest rock star getting all litigious:

Fan sites dedicated to Prince say they have been served legal notice to remove all images of the singer, his lyrics and "anything linked to Prince's likeness," and have vowed to fight what they said was censorship.

Here's Mr. Nelson in his assless lawsuit pants:


So sue me.

I hereby call on everyone on the Internets to put up a photo of Prince. He can't sue us all.

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I believe it was Morrissey who crafted the best description of Prince that will ever be: "A midget dipped in a vat of pubic hair."

Although, not mentioning the assless lawsuit pants seems a bit of an oversight at this remove.

Phineas @ 11/07/2007 08:37 PM CST

So that's what a negligee made out of a skin peel looks like.

Or is that a negligee made out of orange peel?

Ocelopotamus @ 11/07/2007 11:49 PM CST

I figured that might be why there are absolutely no Purple Rain related or Prince videos on youtube.

I guess he doesn't really want any kind of a comeback. It's weird, but exposure helps artists have comebacks. Crazy!

AmyWOMAN @ 11/08/2007 04:17 PM CST

I suddenly felt the need, upon re-reading, to point out that by "exposure" I am not referring to Prince's pants.

I just wanted to make that clear.

AmyWOMAN @ 11/09/2007 04:53 PM CST

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