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Originally uploaded by rubbernun
We celebrated this morning the same way we've celebrated all auspicious occasions since moving to Rogers Park -- with breakfast at the A&T. This photo is from May; slap a sweater on this boy you'll know what this morning looked like. Same booth and everything.

Apparently we go there so often that our server noticed that I got my hair cut yesterday.

So happy birthday, Mr. Jimmie! And many more (which will probably involve cutting back on our A&T intake)!

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he is a very cute spousal unit.

happy b-day!

amy_b @ 11/09/2007 05:42 PM CST

happy bday!

the other amy @ 11/10/2007 04:30 AM CST

Yes, indeed. Don't think I know the A&T but the smile gives it away. Yum!

J T Elder @ 11/10/2007 07:09 AM CST

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