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I am the stallion, mang.

Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand -- the Who
Raspberry Beret -- the artist formerly known as Internet-savvy
Million -- the Mountain Goats
Can I Get a Witness? -- Marvin Gaye
Sleep of the Just -- the Costello Show
In My Life -- Johnny Cash*
Favorite Hour -- Elvis Costello
Stallion, pt. 2 -- Ween
Funky Tonight -- John Butler Trio
One After 909 -- them Beatles

*We have clearly reached the limits of what the Random Ten can teach us. I have lots of different stuff in my iTunes, but this little exercise invariably brings up songs by the Beatles, the Mountain Goats, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Costello every single week. I have varied musical tastes, I swear it to you!

And now we have a Beatle song done by Cash, so it's probably time to pack it in before the universe folds in on itself. (Although it's a shame the Man in Black never recorded any Goats stuff -- he probably would have sung the shit out of "No Children.") I'll have to find some other way to waste pixels on my blog. Maybe I could get into the LOLcat business.

Or maybe I could actually, you know, write stuff.

But not this weekend! This weekend is the DIY Trunk Show! You must go. I command it.

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I love that John Butler Trio song. You should really look up the video, it's brilliant

the other amy @ 11/18/2007 12:06 AM CST

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