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And so, alas, another DIY Trunk Show has come and gone. Even though I didn't have much to do with the planning of this year's show, I still got all stressed out for a week before and spent the whole day of the show running around all crazy.

Cinnamon and the Craft Mafia did a fine job, but I missed being part of it from the beginning. I kept thinking, "I can't believe it's show day already -- I haven't done anything!" But I did get to do some real, live shopping at this year's show. I picked up some lovely gifts (all for myself) from Forgotten Toybox, Lotions and Potions, Edgewater Soaps, and a nifty t-shirt from Sheriff Peanut. I got a totally useful and cute front pocket wallet from the Crafty Ladies, and some freaky cards from Boxspring Creative. And some delicious scones from Floriole Bakery. Hoo, boy, were they tasty.

But the shopping, while spectacular, is almost beside the point. Cinnamon and I were fortunate enough to help create an environment of goodwill with this show that beats anything that you can buy. I love seeing all the vendors every year -- the familiar faces and the brand-new folks. I love watching people find the perfect gift or just a little something to brighten their day. I love wandering the floor throughout the day asking the vendors if they're having a good show. I love the feeling of total exhaustion that sets in as the last vendors load out. I love going to the post-show dinner with Cinnamon and our friends. And even though I missed out on a lot this year, I'm glad I got to experience the good parts again.

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DIY Trunk Show liveblogging from Faythe Levine, director of Handmade Nation (Cinnamon and I might be in the film and its companion book). Faythe totally made my whole year by telling me the DIY Trunk Show is one of her favorite shows in the country -- and she should know! -- because we "keep it real."

How DIY Trunk Show changed one woman's life! For real.

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