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Carrie Brownstein is blogging for NPR. I can totally relate to the following:

Since I've gotten older, and probably for the last five years, my relationship trajectory with live shows goes something like this:

1. See listing in local paper or hear about a show from a friend.
2. Think about going to the show, maybe even put it on my calendar.
3. Start listening to the band's music in anticipation of the show.
4. When people ask me what I am doing that night, say that I am going to the show. I am not lying--in my mind, I am really going to the show.
5. Feel tired the day of show and check out what movies are playing.
6. The night of the show, look at the clock and think about what is happening at the show at that very moment.
7. Rent a movie.
8. Sometime in the next week, hear about the show from someone who went.
9. Tell myself I will see the band next time.
10. Find a new show to plan on seeing.

God. It's true. Sometimes I even buy tickets for the show and end up not going. I have not seen the Mountain Goats in particular at least five times in the past three years.

But hey -- starting in January all the bars and clubs will be smoke-free, so I can no longer use the "I'll be coughing my lungs up for three days after the show" excuse to avoid live shows. I'm sure that will totally change everything.

Or so I will tell myself.

Replies: 3 Confessions

me too. sigh.

amy_b @ 11/30/2007 07:41 AM CST

me three. Tho I been trying, i went once a week to an open mic a friend ran, I think the last show show I saw was Johnny Cash at House of Blues, how long has he been dead?

eighmie @ 12/02/2007 10:58 AM CST

SOOOO TRUE!!! It's just terrible; I'm even too lazy to try & sell the tix that I don't use. Time for a new year's resolution?? Ugh. lol

Victoria @ 12/30/2007 04:46 PM CST

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