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I managed to catch Jim's cold on Friday and spent the weekend feeling miserable. Today I still feel crappy, so I stayed home from work with the intention of sleeping all day. But something about being home makes me feel like I should do something with my time -- all those days I sit at work and think, "Man, I could use a day off to get a bunch of stuff done!" and now I have a day off and I'm wasting it by actually being sick.

So instead of resting properly I'm just feeling stressed out and guilty for not working on a craft project or catching up on correspondence or anything suitably productive. Of course, the benadryl makes it hard to concentrate, so I just end up staring off into space thinking about all the stuff I should be doing. I'm simultaneously falling behind on work stuff AND personal stuff! Sucks to be me!

The moral of the story is: take your vitamins, kids!

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