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I made this half-pony/half-monkey monster to please you
But I get the feeling that you don't like it
What's with all the screaming?
You like monkeys, you like ponies
Maybe you don't like monsters so much
Maybe I used too many monkeys
Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?

(Please note: I did not actually make the monster. That's someone else's freaky project.)

So, speaking of crafts and Jonathan Coulton, I have my New Year's Resolution figured out already. More on this later. Like you care.

Replies: 4 Confessions

Aw man, I was going to make one of those for Phineas. Now the surprise is spoilt.

Brenda @ 12/14/2007 07:21 AM CST

Don't worry -- Phineas doesn't read my blog.

Amy C @ 12/14/2007 07:41 AM CST

It's true. I don't.

Phineas @ 12/14/2007 10:08 AM CST

See? You're in the clear!

Amy C @ 12/14/2007 10:20 AM CST

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