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When I finished grad school a year ago, I thought I would suddenly have more time to make and do all the cool things I'd been putting off making and doing while I read boring books and wrote papers. Sadly, throughout most of 2007, I did not make or do much at all. Sure, there was the whole Crack House thing, which required a lot of work that could be considered making and doing (choosing paint colors counts as creative expression, right? Even if the paint color is cream?).

So I realized that creativity for me doesn't always happen if I don't make time for it. Sometimes I'm so engorged with ideas I have to make something right now!, but most nights I spend too much time farting around on the YouTubes trolling for old Salt n Pepa videos, and then suddenly three hours have passed.

That's why 2008 is going to be the year I kick my own ass back into creative gear. I've been inspired by Jonathan Coulton's Thing a Week project, wherein he forced himself to write and record one new song a week for a year. My goal: one new craft/art project (jewelry, housewares, shrines, exciting classes, etc.) every week for the next 52. I need to learn how to do new things, experiment with old things until I get better at them (I can't draw or do a decent wire wrap to save my life), get back into that esctatic place I was in back in 2001, when I started making jewelry again and couldn't wait to get home from work and haul out my supplies every night. And then I will blog about it (with pictures!).

Obviously "Thing a Week" has already been taken, so my project will have a completely different name. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for:

The Weekly Thing!


Watch this space.

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How fun! I'm ready to do stuff now that my arm is getting better. The etsy section of "vintage supplies" is like crack. I look forward to seeing your stuff.

amy_b @ 01/03/2008 06:39 PM CST

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