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Jim and I were heading down to Unabridged on the Red Line the other day. As the train was leaving Loyola, I spotted something strange in the window of one of the apartments along the tracks. As we got closer I thought it was a weird, expressionist painting of torsos -- just sort of twisted and oddly flattened. Then I realized it was three-dimensional. A sculpture of torsos? Who would have that? And then I realized: actual torsos!

Two young, buxom gals were "putting them on the glass," as the kids say. Right there, overlooking the El. Big, naked, mashed boobs, staring down at us from an apartment window in the middle of a Sunday afternoon! And the women were laughing.

I shot a quick look around the car to see if any other riders were seeing what I was seeing. Nope. Not even Jim. The time from first glance to recognition to processing to forming words was about six seconds, so by the time I fully comprehended the situation, it was too late to call his attention to it -- we had already passed the spectacle.

I've seen a lot of things while riding the CTA, but this was one of the oddest. So, thanks, boob ladies -- you freaked me out for the rest of the day.

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wait, wait, wait...isn't that a poem? I seem to remember that from somewhere....

the other amy @ 01/09/2008 05:19 AM CST

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