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Week 2: wire work
Originally uploaded by rubbernun
One of my greatest frustrations as a crafter is accepting that understanding exactly how something is made is not the same as being able to make something.

So it is with me and wire work. As a beader, I think I'm confident and resourceful with stringing beads in exciting ways. My wire work, however, sucks ass. I can figure out exactly how wire-worked jewelry is made -- the loops and connections and all that -- but I have never been able to make my hands coordinated enough to create nice round loops and stuff. But I've been inspired by some of my pal Jen's recent work into giving wire work another go.

So I checked out a book from the library, practiced, practiced, practiced my technique, and made a stab at an idea that's been floating around in my head for a while.

Here's the final product, Soo jade stars and crystals on sterling chain. This required a lot of wrapped loops, and I started getting into the groove there toward the end.

Alas, even though the necklace turned out pretty much how I imagined it, I think it's a little too pretty for me. I'll try this again with some different stones and colors (like, say, black) to get to something I'd be more likely to wear.

So if any of you out in blog land want this one, drop me a line (rubberynun/gmail). I'll send it to ya. SOLD to the red-haired lady.

(This is the first piece I've sold in about four years! Yay!)

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