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Week 3: bejeweled box
Originally uploaded by rubbernun
(Blogging a day late because Mr. Jimmie borrowed my camera for B-Fest)

I actually started this project at least a year ago and gave up when I ran out of inspiration. But after misplacing yet another barrette and thinking, "Gee, I wish I had a little thing to hold them all in," I decided to finish.

This is an Altoids tin, painted black and fancied up with silver daisy spacers, flat-backed crystals, blue and silver bugle beads, and some random leftovers from other projects. It took forever. I sort of like it. Three Weekly Things so far equals three projects that I'm not quite crazy about. But as I was finishing this one up, I got inspired to do another box project, and I feel pretty good about that one -- maybe next week?

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Can I ask what kind of paint and adhesive you used? I have an Altoids tin project in mind, and painting seems a lot easier than covering the thing with paper or fabric.



ChgoRed @ 01/20/2008 06:06 PM CST

The paint is some acrylic Liquitex I got at Lake View Art Supply a while ago, and the glue is just Mod Podge. I probably should have used something fancier like E6000, but the box is going to sit on a shelf in the bathroom, so I don't think I need any heavy-duty adhesive.

Amy C @ 01/20/2008 07:48 PM CST

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