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Week 4: copper ring box
Originally uploaded by rubbernun
A variation on last week's project. I've had this small wooden box forever. I think I got a wristwatch in it when I graduated from high school, and it's just been sitting a drawer for years. So I fancied it up with olive green acrylic paint, three sizes of copper jump rings leftover from a chainmaille class I took a couple years ago, and some golden tourmaline chips leftover from a necklace I made last year.

I ripped out the original lining from the box -- the velvet-wrapped-balsa-wood with the watchmaker's logo in gold -- and replaced it with a creamy cotton-rag paper I found in my office. Probably my predecessor's resume stock. It was sturdy enough to hold up to the glue and still look delicate.

I'm much happier with this box than last week's. I like the looseness of it. One of the things that attracted me to beading is being able to use repeating patterns and structure -- I'm a rather organized (possibly anal-retentive) person. But sometimes all that structure feels too constricting and it's fun to literally let the chips (and rings) fall where they may, then glue them where they land. I want to get away from obsessive patterns in my non-bead work. The jewelry will stay patterned, however. Those necklaces that the kids wear these days with a bunch of big beads on one side and some tiny chain on the other, or sizes and colors just strung randomly together? Can't do it. I have trouble even looking at that jewelry on people. It upsets my ordered brain.

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