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Greetings from the first few hours of 38! It's not bad so far, although I am freaking myself out by thinking "Holy crap, I'm 38!" every 45 minutes or so. I'm trying not to get too hung up on the number, but for some reason "38" sounds like "upper-arm flab" and "stretch pants" to me (in much the same way that "26" sounded like "sophisticated" and "33" like "crow's feet").

Yeah. So, anyway. This is the first year of my entire life that the Super Bowl has landed on my birthday, and I figured my celebration options were limited. So it's been a piecemeal sort of birthday weekend. Yesterday I treated myself to an herbal wrap and hourlong massage at Thousand Waves -- completely blissful and relaxing -- followed by a lovely Ethiopian dinner with some friends. Today: a delicious breakfast of mango and sour cherry blisscakes at M. Henry, then a nap, some reading, and the Puppy Bowl. Really, what else does one need?

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mmmmm....blisscakes.....Happy BDay Ms Nice Lady.

the other amy @ 02/04/2008 02:22 PM CST

Happy birthday!

I'll be 37 on the 14th.

amy_b @ 02/04/2008 06:39 PM CST

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