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What a week, I tells ya! After several days of being a national punchline, I'm ready to move on and get happy again (in public, at least. Behind the scenes here at the Crack House, I'm figuring out how to file formal complaints against the election judges who incompetently scammed a lot of people out of their votes -- I'd like to get their names in the papers! Let them take the heat instead of the voters they hurt, man. Also, I'm going to volunteer to be an election judge in November. Why just bitch about stuff when you can help fix it?). But I'm officially sick of feeling bad about these events.

So anyway, what better way to reset the motor here than with a Random Ten?

Death Letter -- White Stripes
A Quick One While He's Away -- the Who*
Cool Breeze on the Rocks -- De La Soul
Beef Jerky -- Cibo Matto
I've Got the World on a String -- Ella Fitzgerald
A Certain Someone -- the Sundays
Almost Blue -- Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Coconut -- Harry Nilsson
Crippled Inside -- John Lennon
Rescue -- E cho & The Bunnymen

and an extra, just for fun:
Beat on the Brat -- the Ramones

*Yay! I'm so glad some Who came up in the shuffle this morning -- Jim and I went to the Sound Opinions screening of The Kids Are Alright at the Music Box last night. I saw it about a million years ago on MTV when I was a wee lass. I remembered bits and pieces of it (the "Happy Jack" video, the gold record skeet shoot, Keith Moon's flappy ecstasy behind the kit during "A Quick One") but I didn't remember all the fringe. Seriously, Mr. Daltrey, what was up with all the fringe? You sure were a fringey bastard (or "geezer," as the kids apparently used to say. The kids sure were alright back then).

OK! That's about all I have for today! Stay tuned to for crafty projects, amusing anecdotes about whatever, and making fun of nuns! Rock on, Chicago.

Replies: 5 Confessions

Volunteering as an election judge is a GREAT direction to take this! Somewhere else, I wrote that the corps of election judges is made up of a few competent people, and a long list of people who are marginally employed for a very good reason. Adding yourself to the competent list can prevent a lot of problems, including the kind of delay and mundane mismanagement that doesn't make the papers. There are any number of bizarre things that WOULD have happened due to "utter stupidity," except that there was ONE competent judge on the scene to fix the problem. You can (and evidently will) be that judge next time.

Way to find a positive, forward-looking resolution. Further proof that it's the others who are screwy.

Thomas Westgard @ 02/08/2008 11:01 AM CST

That movie is a favorite at our house. Seeing it on a big screen would be great. And yes, I always, always make fun of the copious amounts of fringe.

amy_b @ 02/08/2008 06:42 PM CST

where's your thing a week? I can't feel properly lazy if'n I can't marvel at your good works.

eighmie @ 02/10/2008 10:59 AM CST

Hi Amy,
I'm a journalism student at Columbia College and also served the Primary Election as a Polling Place Administrator. I'm a political girl and I was excited to see the election process first hand. I was disgusted. It was the most unorganized event I have ever seen, hosted by judges who have never been trained. I've been following your story and it's definitely a great one. I have also decided to write a 2,500 word article on the Chicago election process. Would you consider talking to me in person or on the phone for an interview? Let me know! Thanks! Carin Larson

Carin Larson @ 02/12/2008 11:29 AM CST

Joravsky came to your defense today. The name of the judge that came up with the invisible ink thing was Russell Varner.

Thomas Westgard @ 02/21/2008 03:07 PM CST

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