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Week 6: monkey charms bracelet
Originally uploaded by rubbernun
Are you bedeviled by lower primates hurling their feces at you? Ward them off with this stylin' monkey charms* bracelet! Guaranteed to make you smile under even the most relentless shit-flinging attacks!

After a pretty crappy couple of weeks, I needed a craft project to boost my spirits. And nothing makes me laugh like monkeys!

I got the idea for this bracelet a couple weeks ago, when I received this mysterious stencil of a chimp head for my birthday. I immediately thought of the Shrinky Dinking possibilities -- hot Sharpie-on-Shrinky action! Putting the faces within a circle meant less time cutting out the charms and less chance of things going horribly awry in the shrinking process.

I had about eight inches of base metal linked chain from the bead store bargain bin, a handful of nickel jump rings, and a silver toggle clasp that admirably complemented Mr. McChimperson's stern visage. Et voila! Mood-brightening monkey magic.

Oooo, chimpanzee that!

*(PS to sticklers: I know that chimps are not monkeys. But "monkey charms" is so much fun to say, even if they're technically chimp charms.)

Replies: 2 Confessions

Hi Amy. I'm sure sorry about your crappy month. I hope March is a better one.

I just heard a story on NPR about REAL ballots that require REAL INVISIBLE ink pens. Take that, haters!

amy_b @ 03/07/2008 09:22 AM CST

The above comment was supposed to go with another post. Don't know what happened. I do LOVE the apes, tho.

amy_b @ 03/07/2008 09:24 AM CST

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