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These days we take our pleasure where we can find it. For example:

--Joy Division. I know. Cheerful, yes? But seriously, I've listened to "Digital" about nine thousand million times today, and it's good. Bernard Sumner's clipped, stuttering guitar lines make me want to jump up and scream all crazy. Day in, day out, day in, day out!

--I got rid of my car. I decided to do this back in September, but just got around to it. I wanted to donate it back in October but I couldn't find the title. And while I was looking for it, the guy who runs the convenience store at the end of my street stopped me on the sidewalk one day and asked if he could buy it. So I figured, why not? It'll go to a good home (his daughter needed a car to get to school), and I'll make a few bucks.

So that is what I did. Eventually. See, I never did find the title, so I had to get a duplicate. Illinois (where I live) said I needed to get it from Michigan (where I bought the Feministiva back in 1993). Michigan said the reverse. Michigan was right. But then Illinois wanted proof from the bank that it was paid for. But the bank I got the loan from went under about a decade ago. Anyway, after about three months of forms and phone calls and running in circles, I secured the title. Then the convenience store guy's wife had a heart attack and needed bypass surgery. So I waited for him to settle a bunch of medical bills. And finally, February 29, I sold him the car.

Being carless for the first time in 15 years was unnerving in a way I hadn't anticipated. I had only driven the car about once every two or three weeks since deciding to sell it, so I was used to not driving it. But then I couldn't drive it even if I wanted to, and I got a little panicky. But then I saw the orange street-cleaning signs popping up on the trees last week and thought, "Hey! I don't have to move the car anymore!" No more buying gas, no more car washes, no more city stickers or license plate tabs. It's pretty sweet. You know what else is good?

--I-Go. Wow. I love I-Go. What a brilliant idea! There are eight cars within six blocks of our place, and the closest are a block and a half away. Even the smaller cars seem huge compared to the tiny Feministiva, but I'm getting used to them. They are clean and fast and have power steering! (The Feministiva had "girl-power" steering, which made parallel parking a pain in the pectorals, let me tell you.) Hooray for I-Go! I wish I'd made the switch years ago.

--Inside-out teddy bears

--Kniffin Pottery. I saw this crafter's crazy stuff at Handmade Market last weekend, and it smacked me in the brains. I know where I'm getting gifts for everyone from now on. Creepy, creepy baby heads.

--"Drive On, Driver" by the Magnetic Fields. Something about the way Shirley sings, "Take me to the airport/I need to be extremely far away" is magical.

So what pleases you these days, reader?

Replies: 7 Confessions

thank you, amy. my day is complete and i can rest easy knowing that you're back to your blogging ways.

j @ 03/11/2008 08:10 PM CST

Love those baby heads! And I've been meaning to get that Magnetic Fields album. Thanks for the reminder. I hope things are going better for you guys. Cheers!

amy_b @ 03/12/2008 05:55 AM CST

What version of 'Digital' have you been listening to? The versions from 'Substance' and 'Still' are good, of course, but the live version taken from 'Les Bains Douches' is *incredible*. It's my favourite song of all time.

Vincent Osborn @ 03/13/2008 11:30 AM CST

It's the "Still" version.

Amy C @ 03/13/2008 12:44 PM CST

Here's the video of 'Digital' that appears on 'Les Bains Douches'...

Recorded on January 18, birthday!

Vincent Osborn @ 03/14/2008 05:36 PM CST

Whoa! That's a great version. Is it commercially available in some fashion?

Amy C @ 03/15/2008 06:42 AM CST

See, now, I said having no car in the city was actually a good thing. :)

AmyWOMAN @ 03/20/2008 07:41 PM CST

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