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People, go see "Girls Rock!" when it comes to your town. (If you live in Chicago, it is already in your town -- hie thee to the Music Box right now!)

"Girls Rock!" (if you do not know) is a documentary about Portland's Rock 'n Roll Camp for Girls, where young rockin' ladies spend a week learning an instrument, forming a band, writing a song, and performing for hundreds of people. But the movie is also about what it means to be a girl in this culture, what it means to be different, what it means to find your voice and use your power. It will make you laugh and cry and shout out "Fuck, yeah!" It will make you want to drag every woman you know to the theater to see it. It will make you wish there was a Rock 'n Roll Camp for Girls when you were a kid. It will give you hope that when the girls who go to this camp start taking over the world, the world will be a much better place indeed. Also, it will make you want to hear an eight-year-old's full 14-part song cycle about a chihuahua named Pippi. Apparently he is a sleeping giant.

In honor of "Girls Rock!" here's a Random Ten from my "Grrrl Jams" playlist:

Dragon Lady -- Geraldine Fibbers
Eyes Open -- Gossip
Much Finer -- Le Tigre
(Everybody do) The Thingy -- Gravy Train!!!!
Hamster Baby -- Bikini Kill
Back of Your Head -- Cat Power
My Morning is Summer -- Julie Ruin
They Want Us To Make A Symphony Out Of The Sound Of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues -- Le Tigre (used in the movie to great effect)
Combat Rock -- Sleater-Kinney
Set Me Up -- Heart Beats Red

and a bonus #11 & 12, because why should The Man limit us to ten?
Bruise Violet -- Babes in Toyland
Hate the Christian Right -- Team Dresch

Rebel girl, you are the queen of my world.

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Did you steal my iPod? How rude of you!

amy_b @ 03/15/2008 05:17 AM CST

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