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Everybody says when a loved one has cancer, there are good days and bad days. The good days still involve a lot of resting and medication schedules and bodily maintenance (Bag Balm is apparently aces for preventing bedsores), but they also involve some happier stuff. This weekend, Jim's mom was chatty and hilarious and kicked our asses at Scrabble. We ate Chinese takeout and looked through photo albums and had Easter brunch with lots of family on Saturday. Friday and Saturday were good days.

Sunday was a bad day. There was a sudden infection, a spiking fever, dangerously low blood pressure, an ambulance. She's back in the hospital, and we're all trying to figure out what to do next.

It's hard for Jim and me being several hours away from his mom during all of this and not able to be there all the time, and it helps so much to know that her support system in Peoria is vast and strong -- her three sisters and their families are doing so much. The doctors and nurses at the hospital and care center have been great. She's in good hands, but we still wish we could be there more.

But I need to give a special shout-out to my sister-in-law, The Other Amy, who's been there direct from Sydney for the past five weeks, heroically handling the daily tasks of health care, errand running, form filling-out, list keeping, and occasional redecorating. She is fearsomely organized (and I say this as a pretty organized person myself -- I am in awe of her) and clear-headed under pressure and exactly the kind of person you would want on your side in a crisis. And she's doing it all while being thousands of miles from home and husband (and cat). Scientists have not devised instruments yet that can measure how much she rocks.

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I'm glad that there are good days to make the bad days more bearable and to still have good memories. "Even up to the end, Mom could still kick our butts at Scrabble."

And I agree that, that Other Amy is a fantastically cool human and you're lucky to have her around. Hugs to all of you.

Cinnamon @ 03/24/2008 11:32 AM CST

So true about good days and bad days when someone is dealing with cancer. I'm still keeping all of you in my thoughts. Thank you for the update.

AmyWOMAN @ 03/24/2008 08:46 PM CST

Well, crap......

JT Elder @ 03/28/2008 04:08 AM CST

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