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As we have been spending way more time in Peoria lately than we thought humanly possible, Jim and I and The Other Amy have been looking for new and thrilling ways to kill time between hospital visits (watching hours and hours of HGTV has lost its allure). Last weekend we found a couple of exciting surprises.

Free to Bead is quite a stellar bead store for its tiny size. The gemstone pickings are slim, but the findings table is full of interestingness. Plus, their Czech glass and crystals are super cheap! I left with a bag full of goodies. Also, Free to Bead has a most excellent store dog -- an elderly dachshund named Jezebel with pink-painted toenails. She's a cutie.

Secondly, Peoria has a wonderful Indian restaurant, Sizzling India. The outside looks a little dodgy, but the marigold-hued dining room is lovely and cleverly decorated. And I had one of the best bowls of mutter paneer that I've ever tasted, served with alu paratha and a crisp lime soda. All these years of going to Peoria we've driven past this place and never gone inside! We are morons.

And after another week and a half in the hospital, Jim's mom got to go home again today. Hopefully we can keep here there for a while.

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Will have to try that restaurant next time I'm there, which may be never again, but who knows.

Yay for Jim's mom getting to go home!

AmyWOMAN @ 04/02/2008 06:59 PM CST

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