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I'm on Day 2 (or possibly 3) of a crushing migraine, the worst I've had in ages. I got the pain under control within a few hours yesterday, but the secondary symptoms -- dizzy spells, light and sound sensitivity, nausea (oh, dear god, the nausea), extreme lethargy -- kept me in bed most of the day, afraid to make any sudden movements.

Today is better. Just a lingering headache and some sleepiness. I'm still feeling puny, but, hey, it could be worse.I feel like a tool for complaining about anything in my life these days. It can always be worse.

But, hey! It's been sunny and warmer! So to mark the long-awaited arrival of spring, I've compiled my first Muxtape -- a collection of jangly power pop, ever-so-slightly tinged with melancholy, perfect for drivin' around with the windows rolled down. Enjoy it! Quietly, please.

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