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Jim's mom is in the hospital again.

So I'm feeling particularly sweary this week, and I've put together a foul-mouthed Muxtape for catharsis. I know profanity is unladylike, but shit I do it well, so what the fuck? My favorite song of the moment is Tism's "I Might Be a Cunt," which is not only hilarious, it also features a wildly inappropriate sample of "Dominique" -- the Singing Nun would not approve. But I would. So enjoy. Fuck.

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my feelings exactly!! see you this weekend at the hospital! i took her some flowers today to brighten up the room!

chris hardine @ 04/18/2008 05:47 PM CST

I know that whenever something in my life isn't going how I wanted it to, swearing is the first thing I turn to. I mean c'mon dropping a few four-letter bombs makes anyone feel better. And it actually helps the problem to! Who needs good ol' fashion prayer or the love and support of family and hopefully friends that is there to lean on when you can just drop a few f-bombs!

George @ 04/18/2008 06:36 PM CST

Hey there, "George." You realize it's possible to provide love and support to family and friends AND "drop a few f-bombs," right? That they're not mutually exclusive?

Or are you just a fucking idiot? (A cursory examination of your grammar and spelling indicates this may be the case.)

Amy C @ 04/19/2008 10:19 AM CST

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