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Week 16: peridot necklace
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OK, it's been 10 weeks since the last Weekly Thing. Sorry about that. Our little family emergency has taken most of my energy since early February, and even when I have free time now, it's been hard to clear my head enough to let other ideas come in. Mostly I just want to sleep.

Today was the first day in weeks that I really felt compelled to make something, and not just in an "it would be nice to make something" kind of way. I really could not do anything else until I worked this idea out of my system (so nice to have that feeling back again!)

So here's the result -- a necklace of peridot, Indian silver, and Swarovsky crystal (pretty old-school for me, but sometimes it's nice to get back to the basics). I like the way it turned out.

I'm not usually a peridot person, but a strand of lttle 3mm rounds just called out to me at the bead store and would not leave me alone. I've been thinking about what to do with these beads for weeks. Crystal seemed to be the way to go, paired with some silver. I experimented with a couple other pendants on this necklace, but they both seemed a little too fussy and delicate. This one adds a nice weight to balance the tiny beads.

I got the pendant in Portland, Ore., on my honeymoon in 2002. I've always loved it but never been able to find a good place for it, mostly because the hole is so enormous that it would have required very large beads to keep in place, and I'm just not a large bead person. I had two leftover flattened bicone crystals (8mm Swarovskies) from another project that did the trick and matched the other crystals I used.

I'm totally wearing this to work tomorrow.

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